Management Commitee

speaker_group Management Commitee

IAASA Management Committee consists of an elected Executive Committee and seven elected general Committee Members. The Executive Committee is made up of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.   Along with two co-opted members, the Management Committee works collaboratively to achieve the aims of IAASA as envisaged by the community and under the strict guidelines as stipulated in the formal constitution.

Executive Committee

Amarjit Grewal President


Mr. Amarjit Grewal
  +61 0431 814 625

Sigan Devassy Enchackal VicePresident

Vice President

Mr. Sigan Devassy Enchackal
  +61 0410 085 000



Mr. Sam Dham
  +61 0412 297 336

Jumana Hardwarewala


Ms Jumana Hardwarewala

Committee Members

Vineeta Dogra

Ms Vineeta Dogra
  +61 0452 317 789

Chandan Avula

Mr. Chandan Avula

+61 0452 268 119


Mr. Trimann Gill

+61 0403 203 172

Priya Premkumar

Ms.Priya Premkumar

Niraj Pandya

Cultural Coordinator

Mr. Niraj Pandya
  +61 0433 299 221

Rajesh Patel Committee


Mr. Rajesh Patel
  +61 0450 143 655

Co opted Members


Ms. Susila Palani
Community Programs
+61 0402 248 835



Dr. Jagdish Saraf

Dr. Vittala Shettigara, PhD


Honorary Members

Mr. Donald Dunstan
AC, QC S.A. Premier 1970-79

Mr. Mike Rann
AC, S.A. Premier 2002-11

Mr. Jaganath Mazumdar
AO (IAASA Co-founder)

His Excellency the Honourable
Hieu Van Le AC

Governer of South Australia

Honorary Auditor

Mr. Joe Raniga

Honorary Solicitor

Mr. Sigan Enchackal

Public Officer

Mr. Mohan Vangal

Returning Officer

Mr. Madhav Bhat